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How To Easily Register Your Drone or Quadcopter with the FAA

With new laws and restrictions hitting the airspace due to the spike in drone ownership, you are now required to “register” your aircraft. Don’t be intimidated. That word makes it seem so much worse than it is, but it’s actually very simple! As long as you’re just flying for fun (not for business purposes), then you only have to take a few simple steps and you’re on your way. We’ll show you how to register your drone or quadcopter in 15 minutes at most.

We did it and it only took about 5 minutes. All you have to do is create an account and pay a $5 registration fee. To make life even easier, we’ve created a step by step guide to help you register your drone.

We want to ensure it’s as quick and painless as possible. Let’s get started, shall we?


How to Register Your Drone or Quadcopter


1.) Find out if you even need to register

You don’t need to read on how to register your drone or quadcopter if it doesn’t meet the FAA’s requirements. Possibly save yourself some time by checking out the bottom of this page. We’ve provided a table of all the latest quadcopters on the market. There you can see whether your drone needs to be registered or not. Keep in mind, if you’re buying a tiny quad to fly in your house or around the office, odds are you will not need to go through the process. It all comes down to the weight of your quadcopter. If it weighs more than .55 lbs, then you are required to take these steps towards registration. Just review the additional requirements below and then we will get started!

Requirements for registering your drone or quadcopter:

  • Must be 13+ years old to register.
    • Younger than 13? Must have someone who is 13 years old or older register it for you.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident.
  • “Visiting foreign nationals must register their UAS upon arrival in the United States (online registration serves as a certificate of ownership).

2.) Visit the FAA’s website to register your drone

How to Register Your Drone or Quadcopter

Go to to begin the process.

3.) Create an account

How to Register Your Drone or Quadcopter

Once clicking through to the link provided above, select “register” and you’ll be taken to a form page. You’ll need to create an account using your email and a new password.

4.) Confirm your account

HHow to Register Your Drone or Quadcopter

Now go to your email inbox. You’ll receive an email from almost instantly. If nothing shows up after a few minutes, you can have the site resend a confirmation email. Once you’ve received your confirmation email, click on the blue url at the bottom to confirm and you’ll be brought back to the site.

5.) Agree to Registration Site System Use Notice

How To Register Your Quadcopter

When routed back to the site, the Terms and Conditions will pop up. Feel free to read through and click on the additional link to find out exactly what they’re using your information for. The most important portion to read and understand is found below:

“For any lawful Government purposes, such as identifying wrongful attempts to upload or change information in the system or otherwise cause damage to the web service, the Government may monitor and intercept information transiting or stored on the system. Use of this system constitutes consent to such monitoring or interception. Unauthorized or improper use of this information system may result in civil and criminal penalties.”

Seems fair, right? Remember, the information you provide is for Government-authorized use only. Once you’re done reviewing and don’t have a problem with anything you’ve read, select “I Agree.” You’ll be taken back to the login screen. Now that you’ve created and confirmed an account, you must log back in to finish up the final steps.

6.) Select Model Aircraft

How to Register Your Drone or Quadcopter

Now that you’re logged in, make sure you select “Model Aircraft” on the left hand side . This is for pilots who are just flying as a hobby. If you’re planning on using it for commercial use, you’ll need to follow different steps. Please see this article if you plan on flying commercially.

7.) Pay Registration Fee

How to Register Your Drone or Quadcopter

In order to receive the registration code, you must pay a $5 fee. It’s unbelievably cheap. We would’ve guessed at least $20… But hey, we’re not complaining. Trust us when we say it’s worth it. If you avoid registration and end up receiving a ticket, you’ll be looking at a much larger fee. Now you’ll enter in your name, alternate email, physical address, and mailing address (if different than physical). There are certain pieces that aren’t required such as your phone number and suffix.

8.) Acknowledgement of Safety Guidance

How to Register Your Drone or Quadcopter

After you’re done filling out your account information, you must read through and accept the “Acknowledgment of Safety Guidance.” You’re agreeing that you’ll fly below 400 feet, the drone will be in your visual line of sight, and you’re aware of FAA airspace require (definitely give this a read), Also, you will not fly directly over people, stadiums, or sporting events, near aircraft (airports in general), under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or near emergency response efforts. There have been instances where pilots fly above forest fires… this can be extremely dangerous. After reviewing, check off “I have read and understand the safety guidance” and click “Next.”


9.) Pay the $5 Registration Fee

Enter in your payment information such as credit card number and billing address. Afterwards you will be taken to a review page. Make sure all of the information you provided is correct. Then confirm registration. You will then receive a unique registration number. It will apply to any and all quadcopters up to 3 years. After 3 years, you are required to register again.

10.) Label your UAS with the provided registration number

After entering in a method of payment, you’ll be taken to”Review and Pay,” hit next and confirm your registration. Immediately, a registration code will appear on a screen with listed requirements (below). Review the marking requirements and you can click “done.”

How to Register Your Drone or Quadcopter


Once you’ve clicked through, you can manage your account, and email or print your “Small UAS Certification of Registration.” Take that back to the office and tell everyone you’re a pilot now. Hey, technically you’re certified by the FAA… ha!


How to Register Your Drone or Quadcopter


Remember, you must mark all aircraft with your registration code before operating. The number must be “visible without tools.” See below for more information. We’ve provided some instructions below, but for more information on tagging and other quires, please visit

That’s how to register your drone or quadcopter. You are now free to move about the country!


Does your aircraft need to be registered?

UAS Need To Register?
3DR Iris+ Yes
3DR Solo (with gimbal) Yes
3DR Solo (without gimbal) Yes
Air Hogs Millenium Falcon No
Blade 180 QX HD No
Blade 200 QX No
Blade 350 QX3 Yes
Blade Chroma w/ 1080p camera Yes
Blade Chroma w/ 4K camera Yes
Blade Chroma w/ GoPro-ready gimbal Yes
Blade Chroma w/ fixed GoPro mount Yes
Blade Glimpse FPV HD camera No
Blade Inductrix Quadcopter No
Blade Mach25 FPV Racer Yes
Blade Nano QX 3D No
Blade Nano QX FPV BNF w/out Headset No
Blade Nano QX FPV RTF No
Blade Nano QX RTF No
Blade Pico QX RTF No
Blade Vortex 250 Pro Yes
Cheerson CX-10C Nano No
Cheerson CX_STARS Mini No
DJI Inspire 1 Yes
DJI Inspire Pro Yes
DJI Phantom 4 Yes
DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Yes
DJI Phantom 3 Professional Yes
DJI Phantom 3 Standard Yes
DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Yes
DJI Phantom 2 Yes
DJI Phantom 1 Yes
DJI Spreading Wings S900 Yes
DJI Spreading Wings S1000 Yes
Extreme Filers Micro Drone 2.0 No
Helimax 1SQ No
Helimax 1SQ V-cam No
Halimax 1Si (with camera) No
Helimax 230Si (with camera) No
Helimax FORM500 Yes
Helimax Voltage 500 – 3D Yes
Hubsan x4 (H107L) No
Hubsan x4 FPV Yes
Hubsan x4 Nano No
Hubsan x4 Pro Yes
Hubsan x4 camera No
Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 (Elite Edition) Yes
Parrot Airborne Cargo minidrone No
Parrot Airborne Night minidrone No
Parrot Bebop Yes
Parrot Becop 2 Yes
Parrot Rolling Spider minidrone No
Quanum Nova Yes
Sky Viper m200 Nano No
Sky Viper s670 Stunt Drone No
Sky Viper v950 HD No
Syma X5 No
Syma X5C No
SymaX8 Yes
Syma X12 No
Tayzu Titan X8 Yes
UDI U818A HD Yes
UDI U818A-1 Discovery (HD model, not lighter, WiFi model) Yes
UDI U842 Falcon Yes
Walkera Furious 320 Yes
Walkera QR X350 PRO Yes
Walkera QR X350 Premium Yes
Walkera QR X900 Yes
Walkera Runner 250 Yes
Walkera Scout X4 Yes
Walkera Tall H500 Yes
Walkera Voyager 3 Yes
Walkera Voyager 3 GoPro Yes
Yuneec Typhoon G Yes
Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Yes
Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ Yes
Yuneec Tornado H920 Yes

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