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Posted on Oct 9, 2014 in Articles | 0 comments

Where You Are Not Allowed to Fly Personal Quadcopters – 3 Places the Government Won’t Let You Fly


1.) National Parks


This is a real bummer of a place where you are not allowed to fly personal quadcopters because national parks have the breathtaking scenery that we would all love to capture. What better way to film these natural treasures than from an aerial perspective? Drones could allow you to observe and capture this natural beauty like never before. It’s disappointing that we can’t fly over national parks, but I think we all understand why. It’s important to preserve these areas and the wildlife within. It would be a real tragedy to have downed drones polluting this natural environment. Clearly, nature agrees. Watch as this wild ram head-butts a DJI Phantom drone right out of the air! Not only is the Phantom drone attacked, but the pilot runs into some trouble himself. This is natures way of saying “Get out!!!”

Do not take your drone out flying in national parks thinking you will the law’s one exception! The FAA is taking this issue very serious. For example, this pilot’s drone was attacked by a police helicopter and then the pilot himself was confronted by police officers immediately upon landing. Those caught violating this law could earn up to 6 months in jail. Check out this video below to see a DJI Phantom 2 under attack over Great Falls.

2.) Airports


The FAA clearly states that airports are a place where you are not allowed to fly personal quadcopters. You must be at least 5 miles away from any airport. This law is in place for obvious reasons. You would think that any drone pilot would know to stay clear of an airport, but you would be sadly mistaken. Back in March of 2014, it was reported that an unmanned personal aircraft came dangerously close to American Airlines regional jet as it was approaching Tallahassee, Florida. The unmanned aircraft came so close to the jet that the pilot actually thought he made contact with the unknown object. CNN published an article about it this past May.


3.) Military Bases

Military bases! This may be the most obvious place in the world where you are not allowed to fly personal quadcopters. Does this one really need explaining? Don’t be foolish here. Nothing good can come out of flying a drone near a military base. You will get caught and the consequences will be extreme.

More info on where you are not allowed to fly personal quadcopters:

Are there other places where can’t I fly my drone? Check out Learn To Fly for more information on no fly zones.


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