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Posted on Oct 20, 2014 in Articles | 3 comments

7 Things You May Not Know About the Parrot AR Drone 2.0

1. Is Controlled by Tilting Your Phone

Your phone or smartphone is used as the transmitter. If you look in the AR Free Flight application, or anywhere online, you’ll notice the two analog sticks while in piloting mode. This can be deceiving because the right stick isn’t used to direct the aircraft. When holding your thumb on the right side of the screen, your device becomes a steering wheel. Tilt your device forward or backward and the drone drifts accordingly. Tilt the phone right as if you’re driving a car and the drone moves right. Tilt the phone left and the drone moves left.

2. Comes Equipped with 2 Cameras

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The most noticeable camera is located on the nose of the Parrot AR Drone 2.0, but the other is hidden on the belly of the aircraft. You can switch between a vertical and horizontal view by toggling the camera setting on the piloting screen of the AR Free Flight application. The horizontal view allows you to see off into the distance directly in front and the vertical captures footage from an aerial view.

3. Can Perform Tricks

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is capable of performing four different tricks. When at a safe distance from the ground, the drone can do barrel roll in either direction, front-flips, and back-flips! All you have to do is change the settings and double tap on the screen! Check out our drone tutorial for more information.

4. Lands All By Itself

Don’t stress about bringing your drone down to a safe landing. It does it for you! When you’re ready to bring the drone back down all you have to do it hit the landing button located on the bottom of the screen. The Parrot will begin to slowly descend straight down, so make sure there is a clear space to land below it. You can still maneuver the aircraft when it is in landing mode just in case.

5. Can Route Destinations Using GPS Tracking

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Flight Recorder add-on lets you take advantage of cool GPS features and records more than 350 flight settings using a 4Gb flash memory. This add-on will let you select flight coordinates using GPS, call the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 back to you with one click, and improve flight stability. For more information go to our accessory review.

6. Gets You Unstuck With Rescue Mode

If you get your Parrot AR Drone 2.0 stuck in a tree, or another place you can’t reach, give the quadcopter a random shake from the app!

7. Can Be Operated from Multiple Devices

Don’t feel like giving up your phone if your friend, or whoever, wants to fly it? Well you don’t have to. Anyone can connect from their own smartphone or tablet. Just disconnect your device from the wifi, and then have them connect. The AR Free Flight app is free, so there shouldn’t be any problems.



  1. My drone drifts to the side an won’t hover still it done that since I got it a week ago

  2. Calibrate it.

  3. MY Samsung tablet does not show button to change cameras on my ar drone 2.0 snow edition

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