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Posted on Sep 12, 2014 in Articles | 1 comment

Taking a Dronie


Drone selfies, also known as ‘dronies’ are beginning to take over the Internet. Rather than taking a picture of yourself with a camera in hand, you control your drone to take it for you. Most are seen in short video clips, replacing the standard single shot photo. When taking a dronie you begin with a close up of yourself and then slowly maneuver the drone away, capturing the the scenery behind you.

It’s best to find a location with an amazing aerial view like a beach, forest, or mountain range. We are not telling you to stick to this standard, but you will see that most videos are filmed in these locations.

If your drone has a camera, then it is capable of taking a dronie. When watching some of the best dronies online, you’ll notice that most are taken with a DJI Phantom. This is due to its amazing camera stability, ease of flying, and high quality camera. The DJI Phantom either comes embedded with a HD camera or a holster to attach a HD sports camera.

We highly recommend using the AR Parrot 2.0 as well. It’s half the price of the DJI Phantom and comes with a 720p camera. The camera streams live footage on your smartphone or tablet, which also doubles as a transmitter (controller). This drone will hover in place when your hands are off the transmitter, allowing you to take the perfect picture or video.

Cheaper drones, such as the UDI U818A, do not have HD cameras built it but they can still get the job done. These quadcopters will allow you to practice before you spend more money on a high quality drone with a fancy camera.

Be creative! Do something that hasn’t been done before. Just remember, there are endless possibilities with the drone selfie!


Here are some of our favorite dronies from the web:

(Monteverde, Costa Rica) This group straight killed it. We would go as far as to say this is the ultimate drone selfie!


(Coliseum of Rome, Italy) Although this video does not fulfill all drone selfie requirements, the footage is still unreal. It’s kind of surprising that they are the only two there… Makes you wonder. Anyway, thank you Alvin and Sheena!


(Portugal) These dudes are on their selfie game, thats for sure. This shot almost doesn’t seem real! The buildings look amazing and we are definitely diggin’ the music.


We aren’t sure why the video cuts out so soon, but we are hoping he didn’t get hit!

1 Comment

  1. Hi there, thank you for for featuring our video “Dronie @ the Colosseum”. Yeah, we were there really early during summer, which means around 5 – 6 am.

    Anyway, I do have some other shots that might interest you.

    Dronie @ the Lavender fields

    Provence Aerial trailer

    Loving your website and the articles, it’s very true that we have to prioritize safety and be able to control your craft well when flying 🙂

    Alvin Ang

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