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5 Reasons Why Drones Are Great for Teens

Drones are all over the place… in video games, at the park, and all over YouTube. You already know drones are a blast to fly, but did you know your piloting skills could help land you an awesome job too? Or film a cool movie? Or learn some mind-blowing science?

Here are our favorite reasons why drones are great for teens:

1.) You will learn about technology

Gyroscopes, accelerometers, and data sensors are just a few pieces of equipment drones use to fly. Want to impress your parents? Tell them you want a ‘gyroscope stabilized accelerometer machine’ and your wish may come true!

Drones are like giant lego sets. You can take them apart, switch out pieces, and add more parts later. Many drones come in project kits that you get to build yourself!

2.) There are really cool jobs flying drones

Now is the perfect time for teens to get involved with drones! Could you imagine working for NASA one day? NASA recently chased a hurricane with a drone and caught an awesome bird’s eye view of the storm!

Or what about working at Google or Amazon? Big companies are beginning to experiment with drones and they will need smart people just like you to fly them!

3.) You can make your own movies

Do you want to impress your friends and family with an awesome home made action flick? Most drones and quadcopters come with cameras attached so you can take photos and film movies! Easily upload all of your footage to a computer and practice editing. After a few weeks you’ll become a pro and you can start posting your work on instagram and facebook. Check out our very first flight with the UDI. We had absolutely no flying or editing experience and we were able to put this together:


4.) Drones are affordable

Are you afraid to ask your parents for a quadcopter? Don’t be. Incredibly, mini-drones can be had for as little as $30… these little guys are so small that they can fit in the palm of your hand! We recommend you start off learning on something inexpensive and small so you can get the basics down first. Then once you get good enough you can show your parents what you’re capable of and they’ll want to get you an even nicer quadcopter!

5.) You’ll become the cool kid on the block

After a few test flights in your neighborhood you’ll notice that random kids you’ve never seen before will be knocking at your door. Everyone in the neighborhood will gather around and watch you fly.



It is highly recommended that those 14 and younger fly with adult supervision. Although fun and small, mini-drones and drones require caution. Visit to learn more about drone safety.

Best Drones to Learn On

UDI U818A Quadcopter

UDI U818A Quadcopter

At DroneLifestyle, we feel the best beginner quadcopter to learn to fly on is the UDI U818A. This drone is small, lightweight, and durable. You can crash the UDI in the grass over and over and cause little to no damage to the quadcopter.



Other suitable beginner drones include the Hubsan X4 (perfect for indoor flying) and the Syma X5C.

Happy flying!

– DroneLifestyle

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