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Posted on Oct 11, 2014 in Articles | 0 comments

4 People You Should Never Let Fly Your Drone

There are 4 people in this world that we would never let fly our personal drones. Maybe you haven’t experienced any problems, but we sure have.

Drunk People

melFriends don’t let friends drink and drone. If anyone, including yourself, is under the influence then they shouldn’t be flying. A drunk person will try things they shouldn’t. Risks will be taken, and most of the time they will prove to be costly. DUI (droning under the influence) is no laughing matter.  Be responsible because you don’t want to wake up next to a smashed drone in the morning. If you must drink and drone, use the cheap $38 Hubsan x4 quadcopter, and limit costs.


Girlfriends (please help prove us wrong here)

We_Can_Do_It!Ladies, we mean no offense, and we hope you can prove us wrong.  I’m sure you’re all amazing pilots, but my girlfriend has temporarily ruined it… for all of you.  Just recently, we went out for a little night fly with the new DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. Everything was going fine… until the Miami PD spotted our drone and pulled up along side us. With drones still in their infancy, you are never really sure how these cops are going to react to seeing a drone. So our nerves were racing.

To our surprise however, the cops were intrigued and began asking questions about our DJI Phantom. As my nerves began to settle I remember thinking, “Wow, this is awesome. This couldn’t be going any better!” But as we were conversing with these bluecoats, my girlfriend got ahold of the remote control and ran the drone right into the cop car. How this is possible, no one can say for sure. See the video below for recorded evidence:

So please send feedback and video evidence to proving us wrong.

That One Friend

That one friend? Yes, that one friend. That one friend who thinks they know it all. We all have them and they are an extreme danger to your drone. You have to be very careful because if you allow them to fly your new toy, they will push it to the limit and try things they aren’t capable of. Don’t let them fool you with their smooth talk and fake knowledge. We’ve already seen a buddy fly our drone onto a roof…  and lets just say it was a pain to retrieve it. Your best bet is to respond with “if you break it you owe me a new one” or “just go to and get your own.” That should do the trick.


kidIf you bring your drone out in front of your little brother, cousin, nephew, neighbor, etc. they will ask you to fly. There’s no doubt about it. This is what gets them going. This is what they dream of at night. Even if you say no, they will continue to hound you until you give in. Don’t do it! Just land your drone, walk inside, and quit while you’re ahead. If you hate saying no to a youngster then just buy them a cheap one on amazon. Some drones, like the Hubsan X4 mentioned above, run for as little as $38. This way you can prevent any costly damages while also becoming the youngsters new favorite person. Killing two birds with one stone.


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