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Posted on Dec 10, 2016 in Articles | 0 comments

Giveaway Winner: DJI Phantom 3 Giveaway


Drum roll please! Aaaaaand the winner of DroneLifestyle’s DJI Phantom 3 giveaway is….


Bladon Mayes – Contest Winner

Bladon Mayes from North Carolina! We would like to thank everyone who participated, as we received a lot of great submissions. He will be receiving his new DJI Phantom 3 Standard next week and volunteered to make an unboxing video of his new Phantom.  You can read more about Bladon’s winning idea here:

We thought his idea of wireless charging drones was truly innovating, so we will also be writing a piece explaining more about his submission sometime in the near future. Congrats Bladon! 


Stay tuned for more giveaways…

We plan on teaming up UDI RC to giveaway a brand new UDI U818A FPV Wifi  quadcopterter. Stay tuned for more details on that. We highly recommend periodically checking our social channels (Facebook and Instagram) for updates. Happy holidays everyone!

Bladon’s entry:

“All too often you see an opportunity to capture an amazing scene, but the photo or video you capture never seems to do the moment justice. The™ drone has a smaller body frame, light weight, 4k Camera, and can fit inside a Ziploc bag. The beauty of the is that it has ability to continuously recharge when within range of wireless charger stations:

With this new technology you can use a drone to capture wide and aerial shots and video of your moments. The drone’s continuous recharging allows you to have unlimited flight time so long as your drone is within range of a wireless charging station. This technology in it’s early stages had a range of 5 meters (16.4 ft). Early testing showed the technology could achieve a range of a football field or 300ft. As this wireless charging technology continues to roll out this drone will be able to reach greater distances for longer periods of time. The best part is if you were out of range and were finished using your drone it would instantly begin charging without a need to be plugged in.

I wanted to provide a video example of the drone I had in mind as visuals always help the reader. Granted this drone does not have any batteries whereas my design does. They use similar technology, however their range is much less due to a lab/research scale wireless power transmitter as well as the way they are sending the power.”



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